Sunday, December 31, 2006

Any Room?

In this desperately bipolar country there seems to be little room for the political centrist--that is someone who disdains the excesses of both liberals and conservatives. Let us say for instance that you think that the hard-core anti-war left is profanely creepy and that the equally hard-core anti-evolutionist right is sanctimoniously bone-headed then where does that leave you?

You might think that it leaves you in a roomy middle-ground where many people fancy themselves well insulated from political excess. Fine. Be that way. Be endlessly even-handed, understanding and non-confrontational. Lament the profanity and frothing rants of both the Democratic Underground and the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller. Groan at the Howard Deans and roll your eyes at the Pat Buchanans. Hang out in the safe center of the whirlpool. Nod your head in sympathy with the sometimes maliciously incomplete information fed to you by the mainstream media--left, right and otherwise. Don't do the work, the research, the digging that one really needs to intelligently assess the political and technological world. Who's got the time right? This stuff, the technological stuff especially, is hard. So let it be boiled down to the simplistic Reader's Digest version for you on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, PBS and NPR. Then go away and darken not this bloggy doorway again.

Look here for strong opinion that doesn't follow any producer's script and will grind the edge off everyone's ax. If I can manage to tick off both major opposite chunks of the political spectrum then my job will be done. Stay tuned.


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