Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keep The Change

It would appear that the Global Warming industry has rebranded itself as the Climate Change industry. Sad really. At least that now battered phrase Global Warming asserted a hint or two of menace. Climate Change has a rather pathetic wimpy neutrality to it. In terms of political reifying is it supposed to mean that perhaps all climate change is bad? Urk. How desperately feckless is such silly re-eponomy. Has Global Warming become like last year's handbag? Has it become gauche by over repetition not to mention overreach? Must remain au courant with the chattering classes yew know.

Is this scheduled to be a yearly thing? Are sufficient new Planet Saving mantras already in hand out through, say, the 2030s at least? We can only hope. 'spose this is one of those "framing" things we keep hearing about? Prominent Dem. strategists have in recent years emphasized the need to "frame" sundry progressive issues by using more voter friendly language. Either way, reframing or rebranding, it has a whiff of desperation about it. Global Warming must have been losing punch with red state rubes without whom, at least without a generous helping of their ballots, the Dems. dreams of presidential glory are highly problematic. Good luck with that. Even the most crimson rube out there will easily twig that Climate Change is crashingly unsubtle code for Global Warming.

Who decides these things? George Soros? Nina Totenburg? Stephen Colbert? A cabal of the heads of the biggest green think tanks in some smoke filled (incense natch) room? Regardless it grates upon the ear and it rather fails to convey the quivering alarmist high dudgeon that big bad ol' Global Warming did. Did big Al sign off on this memo? Some things we'll never know I guess and about some other things, like rebranded alarmism, a few of us will likely not give a rodential rectum.


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